November News Letter

October is a month of many changes, aside for the obvious departure of summer's warmth and changes to the rich verdant greens of summer's hazy, lazy landscape. Gone too ... are the myriads of visitors and tourists to our village Of Rockport and The Thousand Islands tourist destination. The final cruises of the Rockport Cruise Lines at the end of October signals the abrupt close of the village tourism ... just as its opening in May kickstarts its beginning.

We at the Paint Box Gallery have just completed our 10th successful season of business here in Rockport. To be truthful, we have been anxiously awaiting the season's closure this season in order to take a well-deserved breather. We hope to as well explore and examine new possibilities and directions for both our business and personal lives. We both feel a strong desire and need to undertake a new chapter... challenge and direction for The Paint Box Gallery business.

We have very much enjoyed conducting our business here in Rockport and in being finally ... back Home. Our business and our artisanship has grown substantially here. Subjects for my painting activity abound among the islands and rural landscapes which surround us. We have decided to relocate to Kingston, Ontario ... just a half hour west of here. It was in Kingston that I taught elementary school and first began my artistic journey through gallery affiliations. Those opportunities still exist for me, as do opportunities for Deb with her handmade all occasion cards, jewellery and stained glass creations.

What we have decided is to develop this web site further to create an on line retail presence which will include a shopping cart method to encourage on line purchasing locally, internationally and across Canada. Using this as our sales vehicle, it will free us both to pursue our crafts more arduously ... without the need to "mind the shop" (as we have done) for six months of the year. As well, it will provide time for us to travel and to visit with far flung family members.

We are currently fully engaged with our very creative and capable web designer, Brenda Stanley, owner of the Heart of Business, Barrie , Ontario. This very eye-catching and effective site was created for us ten years ago when we moved from Hillsdale to Rockport. We have commissioned her to write the next chapter for The Paint Box Gallery in the beautiful Limestone City of Kingston.

We look forward to continuing to be able to serve your needs for art work of the highest quality.We intend to maintain availability of our new products which we know will add beauty to your own homes and lives. We thank you for your support and patronage over the years and look forward to continuing to serve you. Be assured that...

"Art ... continues ... to Matter at the Paint Box Gallery ... wherever it is located."

Respectfully and with thanks,
Bruce and Deb Sherman