Spring-Summer 2016 Newsletter

Winter continues to be reluctant to abdicate his icy reign for more than a couple of days. But numerous migrators overtly challenge his right to remain. Noisy and territorial American robins have arrived back en masse ... as have tree loads of red-winged blackbirds and skeins of Canada geese. Earthworms rise to the occasion ... freeing themselves from deep in their below frost tunnels after every soft rain. First cruiseboats of visitors have already departed the dock in Rockport bent upon one hour cruises and river freighters once again pass on their Great Lakes journeys to and fro in the darkness of each morning.

Bridesmaid Spring ... richly clad in her tresses of green and floral bouquets waits ever so patiently in the wings ... eager to usher in the bride,Summer. The rest of the world awaits that triumphal moment of entry in hushed anticipation. That is, all of the world ... except for the Paint Box Gallery gang. We are well ahead of the seasonal change. Our work was begun for our mid-Spring Opening immediately following New Year's celebration. We are more ready for this event than ever before in our five year sojourn here in Rockport.

Deb and I have each exceeded all of our individual artistic goals in our "winter works program". We are exceedingly proud of the quality and quantity of new offerings that we will make available to that first group of gallery visitors. We offer a vastly larger array of new paintings and hand crafted items than ever before and we have already made sales before the season opens - a healthy sign of the success that might lie ahead for us this summer.

We look forward to meeting new visitors to the gallery and to serving those returning clients that visit us each summer. We are confident that no one will be disappointed when they drop by. Now comes the time we have long awaited to actually return to the dormant outdoor space to sweep winter away. As well, to configure the furniture and new displays and to jointly create "the magic" that we enjoy making together ... and sharing. This is our most rewarding and most inspiring time in the year.

We look forward to your dropping by and to serving you in whatever way we can.

A Happy and Safe Summer ... to ALL!!

"Art ... and Service Matter" ... at The Paint Box Gallery!