Deb Sherman

Deborah was born, raised and educated in Brockville, ON along the shores of the beautiful St. Lawrence River... in the heart of the famous Thousand Islands region of Ontario.

She brings a blend of  twenty years of successful artistic flair and retail business accomplishments in the field of giftware, craft and Custom Framing. She also taught advanced stained glass classes at  St. Lawrence College in Brockville.

Deborah invites you to view and explore the unique, whimsical beauty of her one-of-a-kind stained glass works and to discover the beauty of light...through glass and her eyes, as she creates them. She offers free consultation and accepts unique commission assignments...designed with your home and personal taste to guide the commission.

After seeing her beautiful designs and  craftsmanship.... you'll clearly see why....her work is considered by her  clients to be... "A Cut Above!"